Thursday, 17 December 2015

Mr. T and the A-team dwarfs

A project that has always been near to my heart coming true:

The conversion consists of a dwarf body from the Avatar of War range (lots of individual parts to choose from) and a GW flagellant head:

For the new index and the chains I used wire.

Mr. T is accompanied by a whole bunch of A-team dwarfs. Some of them are painted already.

Several others are still in progress. As they are a whole bunch, I'm trying to vary their skin tones:

If you know any tutorials on skin tone variations that could be useful, feel free to post a link (as well as any other comments - C&C welcome!)


Shadespyre said...

I love this project, it's an "obvious" thing to do with the dwarf slayers, and yet I've never seen it done before.

Here's a thought - if you were to do Warhammer style models of the the other characters from the "A-Team" tv series, could they all be dwarves too? Perhaps the obvious one would be a gyrocopter pilot called Murdock?!

Rhaegal said...

The Projekt is real awesome. It could be difficult to finden a nice drwarf modell for 'The Face'. But an A-Team bus would bei great.

Warhammer-Weib said...

Love the idea, Shadespyre, thank you for sharing. I wouldn't use a dwarf for it though because Murdock doesn't have that many muscles. :-) But I still have a new gyrocopter in my pile of unpainted minis so it should be feasible with the right mini and some greenstuff.

Don Mott said...

I agree that they all shouldn't be Dwarfs. It'd be so much more fun to have a hodge-podge mix of races! That kinda fits the A-Team fluff.

Are you going to do something different for Mr. T's base to make him stand out just a little bit more than the rest?

Oh - and please make a Stank that looks like their black van with the red running stripe! That would be so awesome!

Warhammer-Weib said...

Mr. T's base will be something really special. A dragon head someone sent me as a pleasant surprise with another slayer. I think it was from Porkix.