Thursday, 24 December 2015

Torre de los Muertos

A short time ago, I found this standard GW tower in my pile of unpainted miniatures:

I'm pretty sure you all know this tower and have seen it painted in the same way with minor variations a hundred times or more. Which is why I was looking for a different approach.

Here's what I'm going to do with this standard piece:

Inspired by a Mexican 'fiesta de los muertos' I had been invited to and lots of skulls on the tower itself, I decided to paint it as a 'torre de los muertos'.

Inspirational pics so you know where all this is going:

Imagination was running wild. I even thought of something around these lines ... :-D

Here's the current state of this project:

So if you have any suggestions, crazy ideas or links to Mexican miniatures of rather unknown companies that could be interesting, I'd love to hear them (and incorporate them into this project)!

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