Thursday, 10 December 2015

Ziterdes hardfoam building - finally painted

I love painting buildings now and then ... a different scale for a change, the possibility of just splashing a lot of paint on them without being too careful ...

Here's a Ziterdes building, a birthday gift, I finally painted, in different stages of painting:

I like the building a lot. However, the hardfoam quickly shows wear and tear when you use it for gaming. Has anybody else had this problem? How did you fix it?


Shadespyre said...

I just bought a large Ziterdes model (the water mill) for a gaming buddy who provides scenery for most of our games, so it's nice to see how well they can be painted up, and also to have a warning about possible damage. I'll suggest he tries a couple of coats of brush on varnish followed by a matt spray, that might do it?

So far, I'm very impressed by the large size, light weight and detail on the model, so if the problems can be overcome I'd highly recommend Ziterdes scenery.

Unknown said...

I love the look of the building! Awesome!

What kind of wear is it experiencing? Is the paint flaking off? Is the hardfoam getting battered or chipping?

Warhammer-Weib said...

One of the advantages surely is that you don't have to remove mould lines and can start painting right away without glueing individual parts together.

Not sure whether these slight handling damages are common for this kind of hardfoam buildings. It's the first hardfoam building I have painted. Does anyone else know whether you can use spray on this kind of foam? I tried this once and ruined an entire self-made styrofoam base with it.