Thursday, 21 January 2016

My interpretation of the Fire Giant Queen

It all started as a Christmas project for a friend in Belgium. The theme: Monsters and handlers for Storm of Magic.

Many other painters cooperated with me creating all sorts of monsters and handlers to interpret this theme. I still admire their creativity and individual interpretation.

In the course of this project I changed the colour scheme several times before actually painting the minis.

At first, I thought of painting the original Fire Queen I found on the internet. Earth colours, with hair painted like fire.

Then I thought of a version of Elsa, the princess in Disney's movie Frozen. A cold light blue, blonde hair, transforming the original Fire Giant Queen from Reaper into an Ice Queen. With a snow and ice base. And an handler in autumn colours: red, yellow and brown and the corresponding autumn base.

Somehow, that wasn't exactly what I wanted to express ... so I kept searching for other options.

And finally I was inspired by the muse ... The Giant Queen had to be a woman at her prime, beautiful, strong, independent, in full bloom ... which is why I chose rather spring-themed, showy colours and lots of flowers on the base.

And I wanted to use colour scheme and base to increase the irony of a 'monster' (who doesn't look like one at all) and a 'handler' being unable to handle her, unimpressive, of no real importance and with no effect on her at all. Which is why I chose the same colours, achromatic though, and a rather grey skin tone, decided to give him a tuft of dry grass to make his courtship or attempts to handle her even more ridiculous and use dead earth for the base. When you take a closer look at him, you'll see his sword is rusty and ineffective. Part of it has fallen down on the base.  

The two of them together:

I'm going to paint and add other versions to it in an attempt to interpret this minis in different ways. Any other versions you would like to see here?


Realjuan said...

Since I saw this mini, I wanted to paint a mini with dark skin. It looks so great!

Shadespyre said...

It was great fun being part of that gift project - I got to make giant snails!

The Fire Giant is a great example of doing something unexpected with a mini and making it work. I'd never have thought of painting it in those colours. As you've already got a strong idea for a Winter version of the model, so how about doing one for each season?

I think it's only fair that you paint at least one more version of that poor, sad halfling, too.

Warhammer-Weib said...

@Realjuan: I find dark skin tones really difficult to paint, especially variations of them. If you've got any ideas how I could paint these, let me know!

@Shadespyre: Seasons are one idea I'd like to put into practice. But first I will have to finish three other projects. :-)

Peter said...

A great mini, sitting proudly in one of the display cabinets...
Thanks an bunch... again.

Warhammer-Weib said...

Still one of my favourite minis, Peter! I had so much fun developing the idea and putting it into practice! Have you been able to field it in a SoM game as 'monster' and 'handler' BTW?

Shadespyre said...

I can't believe this got past us all two years ago... but I just discovered that the role of the pathetic male halfling suitor in this project is actually being played by a *female* *gnome* miniature named Ingrid!

What a great piece of acting :)

It also opens up all sorts of additional (unintended) interpretations of the piece, I suppose...