Monday, 29 February 2016

Slowly adding more and more details to the dwarf mine

Thank you for your comment, Realjuan!

I agree with you that simply using cork to represent rocks isn't enough. It doesn't look natural IMO. I therefore used Millipult to add further details to the structure and close the gaps between the rocks and the door.

This is how it looks like atm (still WIP - please click on the pics to see more details):

Next step will be to add several layers of debris / rubble / small pebblestones.

Anything else you would like me to add?


Shadespyre said...

Big improvement!

There are some things in Warhammer (etc) modelling that I call "accepted shorthand" - in other words, they look enough like what they are supposed to represent that we just look past them. This includes exaggerated raised shield motifs (easy to paint but so unrealistic!) and cork tiles as rock! The extra work already helps a lot with that.

And I don't mean that as criticism for anyone - I use both, and also hundreds of greenstuff roses which actually don't look much like roses at all... ;)

Rhaegal said...

Maybe you ca apply some moss, little plants or small trees.

Realjuan said...

Nice work, and it already looks even more realistic with the greenstuff.

Warhammer-Weib said...

Thank you all for commenting and keeping me motivated to continue working on this large project.

Not sure whether I want to add plants or trees to a mine exclusively consisting of rocks. But gemstones, skulls and ruins of an old dwarf stronghold might be a feasible option.

I'm going to upload pics of the next steps in the next few days.