Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Surprise Mini

I didn't want to spoil the surprise, but now that VonKurst got his mini, I can finally post a pic of it:

It's a Crooked Dice mini, one of three thuggees I painted for the Randomplatypus Paint-A-Long to get to know various manufacturers.

"Thuggees are devoted to the art of killing the enemies of S.H.I.V.A., striking without mercy and disappearing back into the shadows. Expert masters of sword, throwing weapons and garrottes, Thuggees coat their weapons in poison, such that a mere scratch can be fatal.
Rules for Thuggees are given in the S.H.I.V.A. Programme Guide PDF, or the combined Villains Guide book or PDF."

I'd like to expand my knowledge on manufacturers and paint a wide variety of minis from different countries.

* Which company in your country would you recommend?

* Is there an unusual mini you would always have liked to paint, but somehow haven't managed to start painting yet? Which one?

* Would a common painting project motivate you to start or would you be interested an exchange to get a mini painted by another painter and send a surprise mini to someone else?

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Von Kurst said...

Thank you once again.