Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Painter's block

Two weeks to go until the SMC takes place, and I've got a painter's block. Tried to paint the camel at least four or five times, ruining it every time I tried. Put it into acetone for the fifth or sixth time now, and don't know whether to give up completely and just attend the contest because of / with my friends or to give it another try tomorrow. Without the camel, I cannot start building and painting the desert landscape. Running or working out in the gym doesn't improve anything this time.


How do you get unstuck and overcome a creative block?

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Warhammer-Weib said...

Our tomcat died from cancer two days ago. He had been a wonderful companion for the whole family for ten years, and we all terribly miss him. *sad* I just don't feel like being creative and painting atm and thus decided not to participate in the painting contest at the Scale Model Challenge this year.