Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sign of life

Long time, no see ... I haven't been lazy though, spent some weeks on Majorca where I had a great time among the locals in a cosy AirBnB apartment in the historic centre of Palma, attended another painters' meeting in August (see pic below), worked on current projects and started planning my contribution for my first international painting competition ...

Here are some (crappy mobile phone) pics of the next batch of A-Team Dwarfs I have just finished (pics of other projects I've been working on will follow in the next few days - so stay tuned!):

The last pic shows the challenge I'm currently facing: Better shading and blending of metal parts (see  battle axe on the left). Something new I'm still learning. Before giving it a try, I used to paint metal with two different metal tones and an ink (in this case, it would have been Ironbreaker, Mithril Silver and Nuln Oil). Any recommendations how I could improve? Comments, links to helpful tutorials etc. are greatly appreciated, as always!

Is anyone reading this blog? If so, send me a sign of life as well.


Richard Bennett said...

I don't have any advice on blending metals, but it'd be nice if you posted more often ;) Glad that you are back, though.

Warhammer-Weib said...

Travelling and other activities were a clear priority this summer, but I'm back and keen on finishing and entering my SMC project now. So there will be lots of WIP camel and desert pics with something special you usually don't find in the desert, more A-team dwarf pics, and I'm considering to participate in Armies on Parade in October, preferably with a unit of handbag flagellants.

Hopefully that obstinate donkey ... errr ... camel will finally change his mind and let me remove all these layers of paint overnight. :-D