Saturday, 10 September 2016

Trust in God, but tie your camel II (brandnew pics)

Challenge no. 3 (get the paint off the mini) - finally done thanks to my new chemical lab. ;-)

Busy as a bee in the last few days ...

Last week-end I ordered a display base. What the company sent me was rather disappointing and not at all of the quality I had expected for 20 euros. The actual pedestal isn't fixed centrally and there is a 1 mm gap visible on one entire side and a few centimetres on two other sides of the base, pretty bad for a display base you'd like to use for a competition. I thus had to adapt it with plasticard to make up for it.

Many layers of Milliput later (camel footprint included):

Here's a pic of how it looked like after adding Milliput for the desert landscape and with both minis and a place holder for the one thing I'm going to add you wouldn't expect in the desert. As you can see, I've also started painting the camel (just a quick wet-in-wet sketch so far):

This is how the camel looked like when I got it last week:

C&C greatly appreciated!

New WIP pics tomorrow - stay tuned!

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