Monday, 5 September 2016

Trust in God, but tie your camel ...

That's the title of my contribution to an international painting competition, which means it will have to be complete by the end of this month. Yes, it was a spontaneous decision ... :-P
Some of you know how 'quickly' I paint ... So that is challenge no. 1 ... :-)

No. 2: Get a camel in the right scale. - Done!

It was in the mail today, and as it's a miniature produced in 1985 and obviously got a bad paint job at about the same time with I don't know which paint they used at that time (you would hear me swearing like a trooper now if I wasn't a lady this part hadn't been ***************************************CENSORED************************), it has been taking an acetone bath for hours now and I'm struggling with

No. 3: Get the paint off the camel. :-/ Acetone doesn't seem to work very well. Any recommendations what else I could use?

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Richard Bennett said...

That age, chances are it is enamel paint, possibly over an undercoat of car primer. I'd recommend a methylene chloride or dichloromethane based paint stripper, but they are mostly removed from domestic use now. You could visit your local automotive supply shop and ask them for a varnish and paint stripper, or try something from a DIY store.

Other possibilities include a brass wire brush and a hobby drill! And just take it off mechanically. This usually doesn't hurt the metal, but it's best to test it on an unimportant area just in case it is a soft alloy.

I'd get you to send it to me and I'll strip it in my lab (with all the lovely chemicals that the public can't buy) but that'll eat into the time you have to paint it even more...