Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Dwarf mine - new WIP pics

I'm progressing the dwarf mine.

Here's a pic of the hemisphere after having used the granite-effect spray I mentioned in my first tutorial. I might add a golden dwarf face / rune or something similar to it, but most probably not in time for Armies on Parade.

It also took me some time to correct a stupid newbie mistake: Check whether your bases fit into the slots as planned and don't forget to remove sand leftovers in them before sand and PVA are dry. It will save you a lot of work. ;-)

I managed to correct it though. Here's how far I got with painting:

Black primer, two shades of grey so far ...

It still looks a bit dull. I'm going to add different inks today so that the rock looks more varied, and maybe a bit of earth instead of rock. Door, frame and a few bones are still unpainted. More drybrushing and preparation of the miners' bases this afternoon ... So there's still time for suggestions what else you would like me to add to the mine.

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