Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Let meeeeee entertain you!

Hearing that song while painting does lead to wild experiments for sure.

I'll come back to that in a minute, but first a few pics of the normal progress I have made regarding the dwarf mine for Armies on Parade:

This is where I started this morning.

It took me a while to highlight the door.

And then I was listening to that song ...

... and suddenly things got weird ...


1 (!) day to go ...will I make it in time?

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Richard Bennett said...

Oh, nice change from when I looked earlier! It's more colourful without any of the colours being out of place, very nice :)

Just a thought - how do the colours relate to the fancy beards? Is this a theme (accidental or purposeful!) that you could build on?

I'm wondering what the story behind this little scene is. Are the dwarves greedily digging for gold? Are they engineers extending this tunnel - a part of their home, or their fortress? Or are they sappers mining INTO the back door of an enemy? Because what the back story is might alter what else is in the cavern - lamps, mining equipment, spoil heaps, shiny treasure, weapons, tools, dead goblins...