Monday, 3 October 2016

Spray paint and styrofoam - it can be done

Here's a short tutorial on how to spray paint styrofoam terrain:

I'd like to use stone effect spray for the dwarf mine I'm building. I guess we all made that bad experience of what happens to styrofoam when you try to undercoat it with primer spray. It just melts away.

Therefore I've just done a test piece:

Step 1

Undercoat your styrofoam piece with 'Belton free primer'. Three layers, one layer every 20 minutes.

Let it dry over night before proceeding with ...

Step 2

Use 'Belton Special Granite-Effect' spray (or any other Belton special effect spray for the stone effect you want to achieve). Three layers every 15 minutes.

Step 3

Seal it with 'Belton clear lacquer for all effect paints'. Done.

N.B. Belton didn't give me money to post this. It's just the only spray paint I found in Germany suitable for styrofoam. If you know other brands that could be useful, I'd be glad if you leave me a comment including the country where this brand is available.

I've already started undercoating the dwarf mine. New WIP pics with stone effect spray tomorrow. So stay tuned!

And leave me a comment if you like this tutorial and/or have anything to add that could be useful for other painters and/or terrain builders. Your feedback will help me and others to improve their painting skills.


Shadespyre said...

Didn't know this was possible! Even better, I easily found a UK source for these products. Thanks for sharing, this makes a lot of potential projects seem a lot simpler.

Danforth Laertes said...

What I do (which is more complicated than the spray, I guess) is use some kind of brush-on paint (often with texture in it) before spraying. Recently, I worked on something where I used a mix of watery plaster of Paris with PVA glue in it, and soaked paper towels in that. The result was sort of like a plastercast you would get for a broken bone - it strengthened the styrofoam, covered the little beads, gave texture and protected it. I wasn't disappointed.

Warhammer-Weib said...

Thank you for commenting, Danforth. DaTroll had suggested an approach very similar to yours. But then I discovered the possibility to spray paint it, and as I am lazy I opted for that one. ;-)