Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Camels and orcs

Last week I took the chance to meet with my favourite gaming / painting group and progress something I find rather difficult to paint.

The camel for my desert landscape is almost done now. As soon as it is finished, I will be able to work on the desert landscape again.

The second project I'm currently working on is my 'torre de los muertos' you might already have seen on this blog as well. I'm planning to give the Duke of Bavaria another try next year (great location, competition and opportunity to meet other painters on an international level!), and this will be one of my entries.

After removing mould lines for what seemed to be countless hours, I assembled several orcs. With their sombreros and instruments, they'll be a fantastic mariachi band in the end.

Still mulling over the right approach to scratchbuild guitars and maybe an ukulele or a violin for my mariachi band and have thus not assembled them completely yet. If you have tried something similar already, I'd love to hear about your approach and experience. Any links, tutorials and comments on how you would scratchbuild these instruments would help me a lot!

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