Saturday, 3 December 2016

Christmas Fun

Participating in one of the Xmas events of my local GW shop has been great fun so far. People can hang up socks for Santa Claus there and get a little something when they spend at least 15 minutes there hobbying (gaming or painting). I spent quite some time there in the last few days painting another batch of my A-team dwarfs.

WIP pics:


Shadespyre said...

That's a nice way to encourage participation in the hobby.

How many members of your A Team are there? It's starting to feel like you're painting an army once more... ;)

Warhammer-Weib said...

All in all, I have 20 A-team dwarfs. I have somehow lost track of how many are still left ... :-) But I guess 4-6 of them are finished now, another 4-6 are WIP and Mr. T and the rest of them only have been undercoated so far. Plus a gyrocopter which will be part of the diorama, but I haven't even assembled yet. :-D