Sunday, 11 December 2016

Various projects progressing

Wow, what a creative and productive week!

I was able to progress various projects.

WIP pics:

Trust in God, but tie up your camel

Desert base in progess ...

Torre de los muertos

After removing the mould lines and assembling the orcs for my Mariachi band, I printed a guitar and a violin and used it to cut out plasticard instruments (just the basics, the actual instruments will be more complicated) to be able to adjust the position of the arms holding them. I'm now going to fill the gaps with greenstuff before undercoating them. Then I'll be able to take them with me to the local GW shop to paint them (I cannot see dwarfs any more after painting so many details of my A-team dwarfs).

After hanging out in my local GW shop for a week, I had to empty my Santa Claus sock because it was far too heavy. What a nice bonus for painting work I would have done at home anyway!

I'm really looking forward to painting the two space marines and adding various bits to future bases, and paint pots and super glue will be very useful for future projects!

Which of the current projects do you like best?

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Big Panda V(lado) said...

Cooles zeuch, beosnders die Buttons. Mein fav der blaue mit dem AoS Logo!