Monday, 30 January 2017

New year resolutions ...

1. Post more often in your blog.
2. Abandon all new year resolutions and do what makes you happy - in real life and on this blog.

Long time, no see ... despite an extremely high demand in my RL job in the last few weeks, I managed to progress two creative projects: my 'torre de los muertos' and something that might look familiar to you ... it looks a bit like the dwarf mine I made for Armies on Parade ...

In fact, my local GW shop decided to keep the mine and display it in its shop window. Another shop owner saw it, spontaneously went into the shop and wanted to buy it!
As it would have been too expensive and wasn't exactly what he needed, I decided to build another one, suitable for his needs - a shop window display for coins and gold ingots:

I'll start painting it this evening.

WIP pics of the orcs for my torre de los muertos:

Just a few basic colours to give you an idea where this is going ... Suitable for a Mexican Mariachi band or not? What do you think?

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