Sunday, 7 May 2017

Fun project

Just decided to use the Space Marines I got from GW in December for a fun project to practise how to integrate atmosphere colours into miniature painting.

I will go for one and the same base colour (blue) with three different bases and light situations.

No. 1: Desert base, sunset, atmosphere colours: desert ground, red light from one side.

No. 2: Rather futuristic base with gear wheels, zenithal lighting. Atmosphere colours: Rust from the ground, sky blue from above.

No. 3: Necron base (rock and purple crystals), green sunlight from top left. Atmosphere colours: Purple and green.

Here are the bases I built:

The Necron base is still wet so no basecoat yet and I still have to add the crystals.

Excited to see the effects of integrating atmosphere colours and different light situations into the basic painting concept.

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