Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Jar's Advanced Painting Class - Review Part I

Back from a wonderful week-end at MV Jar's Advanced Painting Class, and I think it's not a stretch to say it's going to change my way of painting completely.

We used primary colours and black and white only to mix different colours we wanted to achieve.

Task 1: Mix a colour perfectly matching your own skintone.

Just when Roman was announcing the first one to achieve the perfect mix would get a surprise, I managed to mix the perfect skintone ...

... and got this beautiful Hasslefree miniature:

Task 2: Try to mix a colour (by using primary colours, black and white only) you get assigned randomly. When you're done, hand it over to the neighbour to your left and repeat.

Task 3: Take a look at the following picture and paint a wolf (still using primary colours, black and white only):

Something I had never done before and thus more difficult already.

Task 4: You get a randomly assigned picture showing a certain atmosphere. Paint the wolf again, this time integrating the main colours from your reference pic. Phew!

Here's the reference pic I got and my second version of the wolf:

Reference pics and wolves painted by other workshop participants showing how integrating these main colours influences one and the same motif.

You might be wondering how this is related to miniature painting ... well, stay tuned! I'll answer this question in part II of my review.

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Shadespyre said...

Emphasis on "Advanced"! You can see just from the wolf pictures that there are some talented people attending. Looking forward to the actual mini painting part... :)