Wednesday, 19 July 2017

First Space Marine done!

I finally managed to add the final highlights to the first Space Marine I painted to see how painting with atmosphere colours could look like.

Here's the result:

As those who follow my blog regularly know already, the starting point was the standard blue colour used for Space Marines.

I just added the rusty orange brown you can see on the base to every single colour I used for the mini, went from achromatic to chromatic colours at the beginning and added light blue and white to highlight it assuming there is sky blue light coming from above.

When I saw the metallic greenish colour I had mixed for the final highlight of the golden eagle and the shoulder pads (see pic above), I thought I'd ruin it with the last highlight because it looked so weird on my wet palette. Showed it to my partner before adding it to the golden parts and he was like ... eek, what have you done? Are you really going to add this to the mini? :-DDD

It feels weird to add atmosphere colours to all colours you use at the beginning, especially because you cannot tell how the colour will turn out in the end when you try this for the first time, but I really like how it turned out overall and will continue to paint like this.

I'll try to finish the other two Space Marines before starting to paint Bastiladon for the painting contest King/Queen of Colour on July 29. There will be a comparison pic with all three in the end to demonstrate how atmosphere colours really change your whole way of painting.

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