Monday, 17 July 2017

King/Queen of Colour

Time for another update:

I'm going to participate in yet another painting contest ... this time organised by my local gaming store:

'King/Queen of Colour'.

It surely is one of the most interesting contests I've participated in so far. We are all going to paint the same mini (determined by a majority vote of all participants) with a given range of colours (yet to be announced) within four weeks.

Minis we could choose from:

~Age of Sigmar~
Lord~Aquilor Stormcast Eternals
Bastiladon Seraphon

~Warhammer 40000~
Triarch Stalker

Space Marine Venerable Dreadnought

The majority of participants went for Bastiladon (me too). Next vote the results of which are going to be announced next Saturday: Which version - Arc of Sotek or Solar Engine?

I'd prefer the Solar Engine and voted for it. The Arc of Sotek will also be interesting to paint though.

Colours will be announced on July 29 and the miniatures will have to be painted by August 26. 

I hope you find the concept of this painting contest as interesting as I do ... stay tuned for pics and updates!


Shadespyre said...

Sounds like fun, everyone painting the same model gives a very direct competition. Will be interesting to see how restrictive the colour palette is

Warhammer-Weib said...

It will surely add to the fun to compete with my partner again. Last time, he won with his Christmas project.

All I know so far is that the store owner hasn't chosen any of the colours GW used. As all the other participants, I'm eager to start.