Saturday, 7 April 2018

Polar bear - almost done

Meeting other painters and painting in their company is so much better than painting alone. As I had the chance to paint with a whole group of painters in my favourite hobby shop, I was able to progress the blue and brown leather and several other parts. Here's the result:

Still WIP, but almost done now.

Next week-end will be all about meeting many of my fellow painters at the Duke, admiring their entries for the painting contest and having a drink or two with some of them!

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Shadespyre said...

Looking great! I like the colour choices; it's quite a neutral model but you've managed to keep some good contrast in there, anyway.

This is one of those models which I really like... and then I buy one, and then 4 years later I've painted 300 female dwarves and am wondering where my life went...