Friday, 20 April 2018

Souvenirs from the Duke of Bavaria

Pretty happy with last week-end's stay in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Our double room turned out to be the Junior Suite :-) ... and our hotel offered an opulent and delicious breakfast.

I haven't bought any new minis for more than a year (or even longer), I guess. After taking a look at all the fabulous work of other painters at the Duke, I thought it was finally time to paint a bust and try to paint something in another scale.

This is what I brought with me:

Which one do you like best?

As you can see, one of these minis is so new that the producer hasn't even managed to put a promo pic on the box. :-)

My friends jokingly called them "the Spanish Greeks". Check out their Facebook page or website to take a look at their fabulous work.

During the Duke, there were painting demos of several professional painters. I seized the chance to learn something new, and this brandnew mini without a promo pic will be my attempt to put into practice what the Russian painter Marina Ainagoz showed us.

Last but not least, a few impressions from the city of Ingolstadt:

We are clearly in Bavaria here. Where I come from, you definitely won't find Jesus in your hotel room. ;-)

Pics of excellently painted minis from the painting contest and exhibition will follow asap!

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